What Constitutes A Smallholding? Meaning & Definition.

Smallholding means different things to different people. What does it mean to you?

We attempt to answer within this article the question, “what constitutes a smallholding?

..By etymology

small = Old English smælthin, slender, narrow; fine,

holding = “that which is held,

Effectively, this clears up the academic debate.

A smallholding is a thin,  slender, narrow or fine piece of land, with housing which is held by an owner.

…a Smallholdings For Sale definition.

But what should a smallholding mean?

The ‘give-away’ is in the phrase used above, “that which is held,” – …and why?

Because it indicates something of substance. It contains matter. If not value. Hence why an owner should hold on to it.

I thought smallholdings were homes?

What value does a home really have? Other than in serving it’s actual purpose: simply, to house a family.

Full stop. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As valuable as that is, it won’t look after itself, however.

In fact, the house depreciates in value (as a physical item) the longer you hold on to it…one way or another, wear and tear etc.

Value erosion.

What a smallholding home loses in value, must be replenished…repairs, renovation etc.

This mounts up even further personal loss to the owner.

So, however pretty the picture may look in the glossy pages of a prospectus, a smallholding which is merely just a home is a rather expensive and quite fruitless lifestyle investment choice.

I thought smallholdings were land?

What value does land really have?

None, unless it bring forth fruit in one way or another.

Maintenance and preparation are costs which must be recouped, in order that you don’t lose out.

Again, expansive land without productive yield is yet a burden on its owner’s back whose sweat is given just for the privilege of holding it as a trophy.

A thoroughly thankless endeavour.

Fact: Smallholdings are assets!

What are assets?

Assets are revenue yielding possessions which produce income when laboured with.

In short, they are tools of work. Which if you put them to good use, they should pay you back a profit (…yes, even after all their costs and overheads to maintain and operate).

Are you currently looking for a smallholding for sale opportunity in the hope of making profit?

Now, that’s the stuff!

Don’t lose that.

The question, remains…what type of work are you looking for?

Agricultural, craft, hospitality, husbandry…there are just so many ways in which a smallholding can yield.

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