Smallholdings for Sale is the online marketplace for buying, selling or running your smallholding.

Free to join - become a member today.

Directly message serious buyers & sellers

Private message buyers or sellers in a real-time online conversation - asking all relevant questions & sharing necessary documents or photos in advance of a viewing.

Manage all your smallholding business in one place.

Post a classified ad listing, find a smallholding agent, estimate your value, draft a business plan, send branded invoices & quotes, sales and marketing templates...
The #1 place online for smallholders to get help for making profitable investments.
Planning: income statements, cash flows, balance sheets, marketing strategy, operational management...
Publishing: information memorandum, business documentation, invoice, quotes...
Find & promote: smallholdings for sale/wanted, products, services...

Try the smallholding marketplace for free and get started

Post your lisings and private message others members over smallholding opportunities.

Fill in the gaps of your smallholding vision with expert blueprint resources & guides.

Access winning digital tools for making your smallholding investment a stand-out success.

Are you with an agent or selling independently?

Smallholdings For Sale is for you either way.

Publish a sales memorandum with full prospective property details for buyers to view.

Build your sales colleteral using our digital toolbox to gain market advantage.

Free single ad plan for individual properties - with bulk ad plan for agents.
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