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How To Sell Produce Online…Guide For Building An Online Farm Shop

Contents1 Learn how to successfully sell your farm produce online…a comprehensive guide!2 Our experience in building local online websites…which SELL!3 What We Learned About Selling Produce Online From User Surveys…3.1 Here are the lead take away points from the local business website survey…4 Laying A Solid Foundation For Successfully Selling Produce Online4.1 What is a content… View Article
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Transform Farm Gate Sales – With Collaborative Direct Farm Marketing!

Contents1 What does a farm business have to do in these current times to survive the economic threats?2 Your ideal recipe for direct farm marketing success…2.1 Start with a firm foundation of direct farm marketing…2.2 Drop in a little choice channel marketing…2.3 Take just a little collaborative marketing…2.4 Pour in a cup of excellence marketing…2.5… View Article
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Farm Cash Flow Guide (inc. Template) Calc & Excel Download

Contents1 Every farm needs a cash cow to keep up the cash flow – glass half empty or half full, we walk you through the paperwork.1.1 What does a farm cash flow consist of?1.2 Is that all there is to it?2 Importance Of Presenting Cash Flow Within Your Farm Business Plans…2.1 What are the typical… View Article
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Farm Income Statement Guide (inc. Gross Profit) – Calc & Excel Download

Contents1 Need help writing your farm income statement? This detailed guide should be all you need to know1.1 What does a farm income statement consist of?1.2 Does it get any more difficult than that?2 Typical Ways Of Presenting Profit Within Your Farm Business…2.1 Do you have multiple revenue streams? Want to know how each is… View Article
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Agricultural Project Management: Setting Your Farm Business In Order

Contents1 Pay attention to detail in the running of your farm business with this agricultural project management plan2 Let’s Make Things Clear! With Agricultural Communication Management2.1 Define the lines of communication between stakeholders within your business project3 Keep Close Tabs On Cost! With Agricultural Cost Management3.1 Develop a consistent basis of cost for your agricultural… View Article
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A Comprehensive Guide To Starting A Farm Business

Contents1 Key points to keep in mind when writing your farm start-up plan2 Is Your Start-Up Idea Feasible? Step-By-Step Farm Feasibility Planning3 Get Detailed About Your Products & Services: Start Profiling3.1 Profiling products and services is a solid building block to producing sales projections4 Analyse Your Margins: Perform A Profit Analysis4.1 Estimate profit margins and… View Article
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