SCOUTED: Former Farmhouse Smallholding For Sale (8 Acres)

You can really see the character of this former farmhouse smallholding for sale (in Gulworthy, Devon) when you look at it.

It bears all the hallmarks of its former operational history. Which leaves plenty of landmark clues for a restoration project.

Simply put, this smallholding is a 5/6 bedroom stone farmhouse sitting within around 8 acres of land in total. But the detail reveals MUCH more.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Heritage former of the Duke of Bedford’s estate
  • 5/6 bedroom stone farmhouse
  • formal garden
  • orchard
  • kitchen garden
  • pasture for livestock grazing
  • outbuildings
  • workshops
  • garages
  • barn
  • cartshed

A multi-faceted smallholding with plenty of options for utility as well as income generation.

You can see the current owner’s appreciation for fruit and vegetable production. They’ve clearly put the work in to maximise their yield in as little area as possible.

They’ve successfully carved out niches for:

  • an orchard, and;
  • a kitchen garden

Self-sufficiency is indeed possible with this type of set-up and perhaps there is scope to plan cash cropping too.

Then there is the matter of the remaining grounds, which also have great production potential. As grazing pastureland, it naturally suits raising livestock. A mixture of cows or sheep, with poultry on the range, could work here in a complementary fashion.

A disused barn, other outbuildings, workshop and garages offer enough space to site processing and packaging facilities if need be.

This entire plot is ideal (in my mind) for an independently labelled organic farming brand with a niche following.

Dairy, meat (beef/lamb-chicken), eggs, fruit and veg makes for a full basket of items.

This spread would also offer a variety of cash flows and a diversified product portfolio. Ideal for spreading of risk.

However, with diversification comes multiplication of specialities. This can become quite complex and expensive to start out with multiple start-up capital investments for equipment and opening stock.

But with keen operational and financial management and a well-targeted buying audience,

An indie organic label might just be the ticket for making this smallholding a profitable investment.

The price?

£825,000 (Guide)

What are your thoughts?


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2 thoughts on “SCOUTED: Former Farmhouse Smallholding For Sale (8 Acres)

  1. This beautiful property is reminiscent of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls, River Cottage, a former gamekeeper’s lodge in the grounds of a manor in Dorset. As I recall in the earlier and series of his show he was seeking to establish a smallholding and raising meat and doing a bit of hort, to become self-sufficient.

    This would be an ideal setting for a similar downshifting venture, and the large family home makes it great for a buyer who is looking to escape the rat-race.

    I believe they call this type of property “Chocolate Box” as it is what anyone would imagine of an idyllic smallholding and yes – it does scream kitchen garden or market-gardening, perhaps raising some rare breed pork or poultry.

    Perhaps some of the ample acreage could be used for raising quail. Did you know there is only one breeder in the entire UK? Quail meat is delicious and they are extremely productive layers (230 to 300 eggs per year), though raising them from chicks can be a little intensive. Also they can fly, so you need to keep a close eye on them!

  2. I would like to see some photographs of this property if possible?Any properties suitable for a smallholding?

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