SCOUTED: 3-Bed Farm Smallholding For Sale (Farm Shop + 10 acres)

This has been touted as having “endless potential” – and having examined the detail of this 3-bed farm smallholding for sale, they were NOT exaggerating.

The property is called Sunny Farm, Swineshead Road, Riseley, Bedford, Bedfordshire. Formerly run as a mixed farm business, Organica Ltd.

It is a former farm with a traditional farm gate and farm shop with substantial roadside frontage.

A great direct sales opportunity for the right agricultural produce business.

When you look at the pictures of the grounds, it becomes apparent that this is an ideal location for a family market garden enterprise.

It’s semi-detached but the utility of the property and profit potential would excuse this drawback.

10 acres includes:

  • 8.5 acres of pasture land, recently grazed (frontage on two sides)
  • brick built farm shop
  • other brick outbuildings
  • workshops
  • kennels (with hardcore drive)
  • orchard
  • private garden

The driveway to the property branches off to the right and leads to what would have been the farm shop operated by the previous owners.

The grounds have the signs of a mature farm shop and small scale farming operation with structures like a greenhouse etc.

You could grow, raise and sell ALL SORTS of agricultural produce and accommodate the vehicles of buyers and suppliers practically without causing traffic disruption.

Whilst being business premises, it still offers lots of privacy yet access for its owners.

The price?


What are your thoughts?

One thought on “SCOUTED: 3-Bed Farm Smallholding For Sale (Farm Shop + 10 acres)

  1. Yes,

    The property is being sold at a divestment price that is competitive given its scope and potential for the right buyer. A novice smallholder has the utility of space needed to experiment and also the potential to generate multiple income streams, that are ideal for operating sustainably.

    The shop is an exceptional advantage as you can not only sell your own produce (***mature orchards***) but purchase stock for retail too. Bedfordshire is a heartland for farm shops due to the wealth and diversity of its agricultural output, so putting this equipped unit back into business should draw customers.

    If you are going to run a farm shop, focus on supplying the essentials and quality ingredients that shoppers can throw together for a complete meal when they get home.

    I can see a further 10 ventures that could maximise income at this property:
    +Running kennels
    +Establishing a nursery
    +Livery and horse riding school
    +Poultry farming
    +Horticulture – culinary herbs
    +Outdoor events (marquee)
    +Crafts – wood/metalwork/glass
    +Landscaping/ land management – you have space to store tractors, power arms needed

    It’s definitely not a retirement property. You will need to roll up your sleeves and get working, but if you do, you and your family could enjoy a productive and satisfying way of life.

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