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  • Smallholding Introduction

  • If:
    (1) With property - simply say how many bedrooms there are - e.g. "5 bedroom"
    (2) Without property - describe the type of land in a word - e.g. "pasture land"
  • Village, Region, County, Postcode
  • Main connecting routes and access to public transport too
  • This will go in the excerpt accompanying your advert - it's a mini sales pitch, portraying the benefits and unique value of your smallholding
    Are you the owner or an agent acting on behalf of the smallholding owner?
  • Wrap up the main selling points of your smallholding property within a few lines...
  • Smallholding Description

    Be sure to quote dimensions within each relevant sub-section using consistent units of measurement
  • A quick round-up of the opportunity, making mention of reasons why a buyer should seriously consider the value on offer. PLUS, state why you want to sell (however discreet).
  • Provide explicit location pin-points and benefits, including landmarks, amenities and major road networks
  • An opening introduction to the accommodation of your smallholding
  • Make mention of any extensions here: conservatory, orangery etc...
  • Reference design features, layout and appliances included
  • Consider positioning detail - proximity to the kitchen and thoroughfare
  • Consider comfort indicators like size, furnishings, positioning of fittings like TV cabinets, fireplaces and/or central heating - plus natural lighting or views. Also, mention connectivity to kitchen or dining rooms.
  • Positioning in relation to the entrance and or other rooms is worth mentioning here
  • First Floor

  • Including number of steps and access to any loft area
  • ALL bedrooms go here with dimensions, striking features, fixtures & fittings and heating provision (plus or minus ensuite).
  • Mention in detail shower and/or bath features, ventilation. flush features on the w.c., basin shapes, any shaver lights etc. and heating.
  • Fitted features like built-in screens etc.
  • Including plumbing, heating and other relevant features
  • Upper Levels

  • Include access and preparedness to be used for storage or accommodation, reference any natural lighting and head room
  • Sub-Levels

  • Include details on access, insulation etc.
  • Outdoor Shelter

  • How many door access, connectivity to the house etc.
  • Ground surface, length and surroundings are worth mentioning here
  • Outbuildings

  • Location, positioning, aspect, flooring, condition, utility connection inc. plumbing PLUS conversion potential and permissions
  • Household Grounds

  • Features including horticulture and agriculture - areas for entertaining etc.
  • Land

  • Overall size, split, manageability, boundaries, natural features e.g. stream, private or public bridleways or accesses etc. (PLUS any room for improvements)
  • Rules & Regulations

  • Mention any prohibitive covenants and/or planning permission granted
  • Local authority banding and expectations
  • Business Details

  • Energy

  • Tenure

  • Comments

    Any final points of value that you might have left out
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