Refund Policy

Smallholdings For Sale Money Back & Refund Policy

We at Smallholdings For Sale want you to be completely happy with any product or service you buy from us.

Should you have any complaint, problem, issue, difficulty or feedback – please let us know.

When you buy from us, an instant confirmation email hits our inbox, so we are aware of every sale which takes place.

Refunds for courses

When you purchase one of our courses and are unable to receive the materials due to technical reasons, we will refund you. If you have received course materials, however, we will no longer refund you.

Refunds for subscriptions or advertisements

When you purchase one of our specific subscriptions:

  • Serious About Smallholdings
  • Broadcaster!
  • Remote Agent!
  • Sponsor

our regular refunds as on this page don’t apply.

Your subscriptions are one off payments and not automated. To renew, you must manually elect to do so and subsequently make payment to continue.

Advertisements are sold on a single campaign basis. Once paid for and implemented, an advertisement package will not be refunded.

We work very closely within you during the set-up phases of planning your campaign to ensure the most satisfactory results. We offer no guarantee for any prescribed results from advertising with us.


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