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Buying A House With An Aga vs. Installing One Afterwards

If you enjoy an agrarian lifestyle or at least the rural ‘look’, it is likely an AGA would not be out of place in your ideal kitchen.

In the UK, Agas have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

Many afficionados would argue that these classic cast iron ranges never went out of style.

With rising energy costs people are looking for the advantage that can be gained from these heat storage stoves and cookers.

Are AGAs hot property?

Kitchen fitters would think so.

Many new orders for the iconic range come from property owners undertaking a kitchen renovation or extension for a newly acquired property.

With a modern diversified range of cookers, including electric and more compact models, AGAs have become more accessible.

As they burn solid fuel, heating oil, wood and gas Agas can provide significant flexibility in energy options and potential savings.

In addition, depending on the model, an AGA can be used to run the central heating via an attached boiler, making them hotly in demand for the discerning householder.

How much does an Aga cost?

New Aga prices start from just under £6,000 for a 60cm Aga60 to in excess of £12,000 for a top-of-the-range 5 oven Aga Total Control.

Do AGAs add value to a property?

AGAs are commonly marketed as an advantageous installation for a marketed property.

Speaking in The Times, estate agent Annabel Morbey of Smiths Gore, suggests that the presence of an AGA can add up to £10,000 to a property’s value, especially if a newer or larger model is present.

The public also agree, with a 2016 survey by SellingUp,  finding that almost 40% of its 2000 respondents felt an Aga made a property more desirable.

In North Ayrshire, Scotland a 3 bedroom cottage with an Aga  is for sale for £425,000.

Further south, Country Life Magazine has featured a number of properties with Agas ranging between £600,000 and £1.95 million.

So, is it worth buying your property with an Aga or installing one when you move in?

Clearly, a ready installed and functioning Aga is highly convenient when moving into a new property, saving on the time (2 days) and cost of installing one yourself.

A new flue which is  essential for gas or oil powered Agas can cost up to £2000 to fit and also require the AGA to be fitted next to an external wall or chimney.

If you find your newly acquired Aga is out of order, repairs and servicing also add to your costs.

Sourcing a second hand model may save on these costs or splashing out on your new ideal model for a stove with maximum longevity and minimal maintenance.


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