SCOUTED: 2-Bed Engine House Smallholding For Sale (Lighthouse)

For a REALLY remote choice – take a look at this 2-bedroom engine house smallholding for sale in Noss Head, Wick, KW1 4QT.

“But what’s an engine house?”, you might be asking…

Well, this unique property investment opportunity is effectively an annexe to a 19th century active lighthouse in the Scottish Highlands.

As customary with lighthouse locations, the engine house is complemented by some stunning views overlooking the cliffs with distance views of Sinclair Girnigoe Castle and Sinclair’s Bay.

The aerial views of this place are stunning. (They show this property right on the verge of the cliff at Noss Head.)

The engine room sits within a bordered compound sharing land with the lighthouse and some renovated owner’s cottages.

As the name would suggest, the engine room is where the old lighthouse mechanics historically used to be housed.

Since those days, all the machinery has been removed making the property a very hospitable 2-bed accommodation. Newly renovated, the engine house has been fitted with high standard insulation for heat economy.

Connected by the A9 arterial road, you can easily access the local amenities like shops etc, which are only 10 mins away.

To conclude,

It’s a REALLY remote smallholding opportunity – out on a limb, quite literally.

It needs a lot of renovation in the main living quarter’s, but the canteen/office room was recently done.

It has the potential for either being a holiday let or a remote residential home.

The price?

£100,000 and currently (December 2020) on the market.

Take a look, to see if this hits the mark for your plans.

What are your thoughts?


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One thought on “SCOUTED: 2-Bed Engine House Smallholding For Sale (Lighthouse)

  1. This is an exceptional property and one of the few opportunities available to experience lighthouse living (only 250 left on our islands) in the UK.

    As an active lighthouse, you are likely to have the isolation punctured by intermittent visits from a Lighthouse Technician from The Northern Lighthouse Board.

    Though it is removed, being a short drive from Wick in the Royal Burgh of Caithness, means you are not isolated at all. You will simply be known to locals as the folk who are living in the lighthouse.

    Clearly making the engine house habitable will be subject to conditional planning permission and you are limited to only two bedrooms, limited space, and issues with sewerage, the competitive price becomes more and more realistic. You will need to work closely with the local planning department to get something off the ground. The poster calls it “sweat-equity” and are probably a good point of contact for enquiries as they are neighbours.

    However, for the right people, who love the stunning views in and around Noss Head this property will be a labour of love. It is likely to end up as a holiday property, which would be a viable way of generating some returns on the conversion.

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