SCOUTED: 8.3 Acres Woodland Smallholding For Sale

This opportunity is without residence but is a woodland smallholding for sale in Blagrove, Devon in with just over 8 acres in total.

What you get here are two plots: one just under 3 acres and the other just over 5.

They are offered at £30,000 each.

Location wise it’s complemented by being in close proximity to popular local and regional tourism hotspots including Roadford Lake and Dartmoor National Park.

What do you get?

It’s two plots sold either separately or as one. They are literally butted up against one another top to tail.

Narrow-side road front access is by the one plot.

The entire lot has a track around the periphery and lies on generally level ground.

For composition, it’s 90% packed out with dense woodland (douglas fir and sitkus spruce) and a relatively small area of clearance in the top plot.

A diverse ecosystem gives suitable habitat for a variety of species of birds and other woodland wildlife including Roe Deer and Red Deer.

What about use?

There’s got to be countless outdoor business ideas which might gel well with this smallholding investment prospect.

Here are just a few thoughts:

Niche nature trail

With a level topography and mixed woodland make-up…

…new owners could produce a custom woodland trail experience for a varied audience of all proficiencies.

With well-positioned outstations at regular intervals, the plot could be converted into a highly enriching woodland & wildlife educational resource for young and old alike.

Accomplished guides could take private parties and public groups on treks around the plot and set difficulty level according to ability.

Bird and wildlife watching

The old British pastime of birdwatching still has LOTS of legs in it according to some:

  • It is estimated that 2.85 million UK adults go bird watching, either regularly or occasionally.

A plot like this one presents golden opportunities for birders and twitchers to catch a view of some of Britain’s prized countryside birds.

Crafting the ideal site layout and installing discrete watch stations for visitors could prove a profitable start-up venture.

Woodland skills training site

The plot could play host venue to woodland skill providers to deliver courses, such as:

  • carving
  • woodworking
  • basket weaving
  • chainsaw training
  • foraging
  • woodland management

…amongst other activities.

The win-win here could be:

  • repeat business for new owners from trainers (albeit with some start-up capital to design the site according to the needs of course providers).
  • And a regular (customised) venue for trainers to engage their audiences.

These are just a few of my own thoughts,

How about you?


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One thought on “SCOUTED: 8.3 Acres Woodland Smallholding For Sale

  1. Prospective buyers taking a look at this plot may find this Farming Forum thread on woodlands interesting:

    This is a very productive woodland smallholding in Northants that does coppicing amongst other productive efforts:

    Woodland honey could also be a winner as the plots are off the beaten tracks – Quince Honey Farm are not far away and could provide some pointers and training and kit:

    Birdwatching also sounds great, you will probably get some Jays and Siskins amongst those Douglas Fir trees. Creating a trail with observation points for birding and perhaps a forest school is also a great way to share the beauty of a woodland property.

    They would have to get someone like Tim Marks (TTWT) to help create the trail.

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