CASE STUDY: Bungalow Smallholding For Sale (Organic Egg Farm)

Although this smallholding is no longer for sale, it actually makes a good case study as a guide to help anyone interested in a similar property.

The particulars showcase a chicken egg farm in Abertridwr, Caerphilly CF83 4FG, called Hill View Caerllwyn Farm.

It is a contract egg farming business with all of its output covenanted to the Happy Egg Co.

The facility

It comprises modern poultry shed with 12,000 sq. ft. floor space, plus an array of outbuildings used for the operation of the farm.

The capacity can either house 9,000 birds for standard egg production or 6,000 birds for organic egg production.

The shed was constructed in 2016 and is a multi-tiered accommodation for layer hens.

It comes with solid concrete foundations and all necessary feeding and watering kit.

The land

There are 12.5 acres across 5 fields within the grounds of the farm.

This presents ample pastureland for the 6,000 – 9,000 strong flock to roam, exercise and forage for food.

For upgrade purposes, there is the possibility for mixed livestock farming with potential for grazing rights to accommodate:

  • 54 sheep
  • 7 cows
  • 1 horse

From a poultry perspective, this would only improve the nutritional availability for the chicken – benefiting the quality of egg product.

On a diversification train of thought, this mixed farming set-up would require capital redevelopment to the buildings and equipment (plus permissions etc.)…

…but would offer a more balanced investment yield.

The site benefits from a natural spring and private sewage disposal system.


There is a 1-bed mobile home (lodge style) on-site which would accommodate a single farm manager.

It is subject to local authority permission, granted on a 3 year period also – tied into the tenure of the commercial supply contract.


There is a 3-year rolling contract with The Happy Egg Co. to bulk buy all eggs produced.


£360,000 (Guide)

Where’s the value?

It’s clearly a business and not a lifestyle purchase. The property has one accommodation on-site (1-bed lodge) and is only permitted for 3 years at a time subject to local authority permission.

However, it presents a cash flow add on advantage to the right buyer.

With a contract in place, you wouldn’t bear the uncertainty or expense of marketing product to new buyers.

And with predictable supply arrangements for birds and feed – and an experienced (line-in) hired hand, it should produce pretty predictable returns.

But the question is: how much return? And would it be worth ‘shelling out’ the upfront cost?

I’m going to discuss this in a forum topic with sample financial projection too – don’t miss out.

But for now…your thoughts?


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One thought on “CASE STUDY: Bungalow Smallholding For Sale (Organic Egg Farm)

  1. This is a great opportunity to take ownership of a turnkey poultry farm at a competitive price and the advantage of happing a contract in place with Noble Foods (Happy Egg Co.) may make this opportunity attractive to a local farmer looking to diversify their range of projects and mop up the additional acreage.

    Everything needed to run a free-range egg poultry farm is included including a cold store and egg packing area. Being free-range I assume the Happy Hens can exit their barn through “popholes” which will be open from 9 am until dusk.

    The Happy Egg Company seem to be expanding their contract farming with some contractors
    increasing the number of free-range hens. So hopefully things bode well for the new owners in Caerphilly. Would it be possible for them to expand the poultry operation with the land they have?

    Acquiring planning permission for a poultry farm usually means that
    +number of hens
    +flies and pests generated by the farm are stringently considered.

    Looking forward to some metrics for how it would all work

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