SCOUTED: Plot of Land Smallholding For Sale (Used to be Nursery)

This plot of land is a versatile smallholding for sale with ample room and commercial history, based in Kingsmede, Shefford, Bedfordshire SG17.

It has 1.319 acres which is situated in a flood plain and therefore carries some risk should the River Hit flood its banks.

But otherwise its good quality utility land.

What would you use it for?

Historically, it was used as a garden nursery. A buyer with a flair for horticulture could use it for the same.

It offers a substantial size and is located in an opportune location for connectivity. However, it is close to residences (previously a driveway to the site would pass between two houses.)

Business activity would change the tempo of the neighbourhood and planning permission to build structures for commerce would be needed.

The price?


What are your thoughts?

One thought on “SCOUTED: Plot of Land Smallholding For Sale (Used to be Nursery)

  1. The rivers Hit and Flit are irrigation powerhouses for Herts and Beds, however as the previous nursery venture indicates, there are many ventures you can undertake on such land without placing your hard work at risk of flooding.

    Clearly, at only 1.3 acres it is priced according to its development potential as housing, but building on a floodplain is controversial and would require significant investment for completion.

    The plot is advantageously situated with decent access in an otherwise developed area, making it a good match for horticultural projects with fast-growing crops, so you can manage your growing season closely and recover quickly if flooding occurs.

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