SCOUTED: Salmon & Trout Fishing Smallholding For Sale

I recently came across this interesting smallholding for sale (without residence) called Carrnook Fishing, offering a salmon and trout fishing beat in River Eden, Armathwaite, Cumbria CA4 9ST.

The River Eden is one of England’s finest limestone rivers, overbrimming with abundant wildlife. It is also one of the country’s rare Northbound flowing river. It has reputation for being a premier spot for fishing Wild Atlantic salmon as well as trout.

Here is the kind of catch that awaits anglers there.

The 1.2 mile beat backs onto a country estate and premium Lake District wedding venue called Low House.

The stretch offers double bank fishing, although in recent seasons – it has produced variable fishing.

Not only does the beat back up onto Low House but also Drybeck Farm which is a (Tripadvisor 5 star) Lake District renowned Glamping holidays resort.

These two tourist attractions are probably a complementary feature for the success of this business opportunity.

The rental prices to anglers down there are in the region of £25 per rod per day (last year’s pricing).

All in all, an interesting and potentially profitable prospect for the right buyer.


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One thought on “SCOUTED: Salmon & Trout Fishing Smallholding For Sale

  1. The brown trout, sea trout, and salmon fishing on the River Eden look good so I am sure that someone looking for a season’s worth of decent fishing would have their interest piqued.

    If two-rod access were purchased, someone could offer services as a fishing guide, much like With accommodation nearby, guests may be interested in booking a session on the water. Exclusive access to private waters such as these comes at a premium.

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