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How To Make Profit Selling Produce To Restaurants From A Smallholding

A practical step-by-step guide for selling produce to chefs and restaurant buyers When starting out selling produce from your market garden or smallholding, one of your most profitable customer groups will be restaurants (and other food services businesses). But how should you go about successfully selling produce to restaurants? Let’s begin by putting first things […]

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How Selling Produce From Home Can Be A Business And Not A Hobby

If you want to make a living selling produce from home – plan it like a professional for the best results Whether you consider yourself to be a grower, smallholder or farmer – the following steps will help you get selling from home profitably. Whilst it doesn’t take much to turnover some sales revenue from […]

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5 Qualities To Copy From Top Selling Produce At Farmers Markets

Farmers markets offer great experimental business lessons – what can we learn from their star performers? When searching online for help with selling produce – theoretical musing is abundant… ..but what does good ol’ experience tell us? Lets find out. We decided to pool together the advice of vendors – both new and experienced via […]

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How To Sell Produce Online…Guide For Building An Online Farm Shop

Learn how to successfully sell your farm produce online…a comprehensive guide! This is an in-depth guide, showing you how to sell produce online. The best part about it? We cover everything you need to know to make it work for your online farm shop. So…have you ever wanted to know how to build your own […]

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Direct Farm Marketing: Collaborative Farmers Transform Gate Sales

What does a farm business have to do in these current times to survive the economic threats? Get collaborative with your direct farm marketing. Farms and rural-based businesses are facing the cold alone. Exposed, isolated, retreating, fearing and falling down alone many are succumbing to the fiscal frost. How far a little warmth goes to […]

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