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Factors Affecting Farm Profit: You’re Probably Overlooking These!

Whilst income and expenses make the headline with farm profit – how much impact do these (un-)usual suspects make? Profit has many guises in business. It’s important as farm owners to understand the implications of the various definitions of profit. Also, to understand other influential factors affecting profit. Why so much talk about profit and […]

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Farm Cash Flow Guide (inc. Template) Calc & Excel Download

Every farm needs a cash cow to keep up the cash flow – glass half empty or half full, we walk you through the paperwork. Your farm cash flow is either a projected estimation or historical snapshot of cash usage, revealing the pattern of its flow through your agri-enterprise. The hypothetical projection is commonly called […]

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Farm Income Statement Guide (inc. Gross Profit) – Calc & Excel Download

Need help writing your farm income statement? This detailed guide should be all you need to know Your farm income statement is a head-to-head challenge between your income and outgoings. It’s otherwise known as a income and expenses statement. What does a farm income statement consist of? It is pertaining to a given period…usually a […]

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