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How To Start A Small Farm For Profit Without A Management Accountant

Start up farms need a strong financial presentation on paper just like mature businesses – here’s why & how… Management accountants specialise in making professional financial masterpieces of your raw accounting data. Their reports and statements make intelligible detail of the morass of our daily minutiae. Conveying the the right financial messages to a multidisciplinary […]

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A Comprehensive Guide To Starting A Farm Business

Key points to keep in mind when writing your farm start-up plan So, you’ve gone beyond the initial stages of maturing your smallholding idea. The natural follow-on is to begin scoping your plan for starting your farm business. How is this done? The following are the steps which we advise for drafting a successful roadmap […]

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Start A Smallholder Haymaking Business!

This guide to haymaking echoes the motto ‘make hay while the sun shines‘. Learn how to… project demand sell hay’s various uses get lots of repeat business promote steady prices… get predictable cash-flow… …all underpinned by this very appealing rural enterprise. If you are looking to start a hay business, then this guide is just […]

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