Smallholdings For Sale in Devon: The Quick Guide

Smallholdings For Sale Devon


Smallholdings For Sale In Devon

Devon, a UK coastal county of reputation for tourism, bordering Cornwall and Dorset to the west and east respectively,  is a prime destination for rural smallholdings for sale.

Among the well known southwestern cluster of England’s coastal counties, Devon is a popular destination for retirement, seaside tourism, outdoor pursuits and farming. 

Home to the rather stately Devonshire Cream Tea, Devon is a multifaceted county with historical distinction.

Facts and Figures:

  • Popular UK holiday destination
  • 3rd largest county by area
  • 2,500+ sq. miles
  • 1.1m population
  • Bristol channel – north & English channel – south
  • Largest town = Exeter

The inland or Devon is predominantly rural with a history of farming industry.

However, over the years as the UK farming communities have been adversely affected by downward economical pressures as wholesale buyer concentration increases, largely now held by major multiples.

Prices have decreased drastically leaving many farming operators, especially dairy farmers, out of pocket and forced to shut down.

In recent times, there has been an increase in artisanal producers offering their produce at premium prices – maintaining control on sales and distribution.

A combination of hillside and lowlands with a variety of incumbent wildlife habitats a flood with diverse distribution of species. The lowlands in particular enjoy the most fertile of the soil types.

Dartmouth and other moolands stand upon granite bedrock and geologically attract many inquisitive minds seeking to explore it’s various mineral deposits and formations.

Devon is abundant with grasslands like, Culm Measures, which blossom and bloom on season with a wealth of flora including, marsh bedstraw and march cinquefoil. Biodiversity is a signature of the region within which a wide range of birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles can be seen.

Supplied with natural irrigation by rivers: Exe, Culm, Teign, Dart and Otter; Devon’s estuaries are host to a whole host of aquatic rarities including, Brown Trout and Atlantic Salmon.

Devon is also rich in woodland. Due to an increased demand for fire wood in the UK, such previously under-managed woodlands are now receiving a new focus of Government funded initiatives to optimise production of this much needed resource.

Benefits Of Investing In Coastal Smallholdings in Devon

The advantage of investing in a Devonshire based smallholding property is the possibility for a coastal plot.

Devon is known for being a coastal tourist hotspot and therefore hospitality amenities within the area can benefit from being of service to visitors annually – for a profit, of course.

Cliffside views and walks, beachfront access and proximity to the summer tourism activity hubs and beaches could afford a roaring trade for a hospitality business in coastal Devon.

How Popular Are Farmhouses For Sale In Devon?

Farmhouses for sale in Devon are prevalent.

Commonly found within it’s county borders proliferating throughout the rural landscape are the likes of barn conversions, new housing developments, detached houses and below market value opportunities.

Often such smallholding properties are accompanied with substantial acreage of pastureland ideal for livestock handling.

With a mixture of outbuilding units also available on such plots for multipurpose use depending on your interest whether equestrian or traditional herd farming, Devon offers great smallholding development potential.

Planning permission where granted also gives further scope for growth of operations.

Top 3 income projects for smallholdings in Devon

Building into your Devon smallholding investment earned income can take quite a bit of consideration – even if you are taking on an existing business as an going concern.

Whilst the thought of acquiring real estate buildings, land and perhaps livestock and crop-based agricultural productivity could be attractive – though operating at a profit is can be more challenging.

Where you are in need of a bolt-on smallholding income, a few innovative business ideas might go a long way to buffer your financial budget:

  1. Start a coastal bed and breakfast or serviced appartments
    • …with breathtaking views and proximity to all the favoured walks and trails – a well groomed B&B service on the coast could be just the steady earner you are looking for.
    • …doing what you do well and consistently so, with all the basics done excellently – in addition to a few well considered personal touches should secure regular seasonal custom.
    • …serving your list of regulars with timely and relevant reminders and keeping social via Facebook etc. will ensure you are not forgotten.
  2. Cycling holiday hub
    • serving a well stocked rural cycle business along a scenic route can make for a solid year on year profit making enterprise.
    • …capital costs for providing bikes for rent, bike shelters and other associated equipment, such as safety helmets etc. is necessary for start-up. 
    • …being handy with cycle maintenance will help shave off revenue expenses.
    • …guided bike tours also might be an advantage.
  3. Artisanal culinary school
    • …if cookery is your stregnth, or you have enough time and interest on your hands to make it one – then perhaps starting up an artisanal culinary school could be your new smallholding business venture?
    • …a purpose-built kitchen, with accompanying larder/pantry for all your ingredient stock will be the foundation for hosting group and one-to-one interaction.
    • …a solid course schedule with plenty of take home value and resources for further trial and experimentation will go a long way to demonstration of excellence.
    • …ongoing interaction, keeping the conversation alive with past customers may encourage repeat bookings and referrals.

This concludes a brief introduction into smallholdings in Devon – which we hope will help you gain a feel for what could be on offer for your next smallholding investment.


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