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Unlimited Drafts with this PDF maker & auto web calculator
1. Simple sign up...2. easy to use...3. great post-sales support!

No contracts, No hidden fees, Comprehensive training and support.

Strictly for smallholders - specialist suite of documents

Access a suite of professional documents which have been tailored specifically to assist smallholders with management, finance, buying & selling, business and planning. All you need to make your investment the most profitable it can be.

Complicated autocalculations - made easy by our smart-ware

We have taken painstaking time and effort to calibrate our software to make easy work of your complicated financial calculations. Make sure your numbers stack up as you plan your investment decisions with auto-crucnhed figures which stack up accurately.

Let our forms do the hard work - instant PDFs from a web form

When it comes to making professional looking PDF documents, our web forms make it as easy. Fill in the simple front end web form and our software converts the input into expert formatted & arranged plans for professional use.

Need Professional PDF Documents?
Introducing Smallholdings For Sale's Instant PDF Maker -

The following are screenshots of the online PDF making sofware, which we've invested in for saving you time, fees and capital reinvestment to make your smallholding investment profitable .

  Smallholdings For Sale Instant PDF Maker Examples

The very best professional smallholding assistance.

Information Memorandum
Planning Permission Advice
Farm Income Statement

Income Statement

A profit loss for your smallholding business detailing all necessary accounting inputs & outputs.

Cash Flow

Stay on top of business cash flow with this template allowing you to foresee monies in and out in advance.

Planning Permission

Get the official line on whether or not that upcoming smallholding development project of yours is legit.

Information Memorandum

Put togehter your smallholding for sale in a smart looking sales prospectus and set it apart from the crowd.

Balance Sheet

Get the lowdown on your assets vs. liabilites and estimate the overall worth of your smallholding enterprise.

Mortgage Repayment

Find out exactly how much and how long you need to pay back on that capital sum you borrowed.


Measure just how profitable that diversification idea will be in the long run after all debts are paid.

Business Stationery

Produce professional looking, customised business stationery to take your brand indentity up a few notches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract with this?

No. You get what you pay for. No tie-ins, No recurring payments. Just a simple one-off payment.

Is this tool for professionals only?

This tool is for anybody & everybody. The instructions tell you how to use it in simple language with examples. The results are professional quslity, but you don't need any qualifications or expertise to operate the software and make it work for you.

What if I struggle to use the software?

You need only the most minimal proficiency to use this software, it really is easy peasy. The fact that you are able to us this website, tells me you'll have no problem getting great value out of our PDF maker...BUT, just in case - we've got helpful 1-to-1 support on standby.

How will my PDFs look when printed on paper?

No different to the screen preview. We know that once you've seen our PDFs on screen, you won't resist printing them off. They are useful collateral for meetings with all kinds of professionals: management accountants, architects, planning officers, bank managers etc.

Will recurring payments be taken automatically?

No. You'll be sent timely reminders to continue your paid subscription, near to the due date...however, we leave it to you to make a manual payment.

What if I use it and simply want my money back?

We want your investment with us to be worth you while and your money. If the software simply didn't do what it says on the tin, we have support personnel on-hand to do everything possible to help you make it work. However, should we not succeed, we have a very simple refund proceedure.

Is there any limit on the number of PDFs I can make?

No. Feel free to use the software as little or as often as you like - unlimited drafts.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major cards and Paypal.

Will my data be safe and confidential?

Your PDF document and data used in submission managed respectfully and kept safe and completely confidential. We transmit all data as encrypted from your form via "HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), which is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user's computer and the site." - Google

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to ask us any PDF maker related questions at here.
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