6 bed former dairy farm smallholding for sale with 12 acres

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    This is a listing I recently found showcasing a former dairy farm 6-bedroom smallholding in West Hall, Brampton, Cumbria with extensive outbuildings (as you would imagine) and a little over 12 acres of pasture land.

    It comes with a period farmhouse (4 beds) and adjoining cottage (2 beds). Currently, it seems the 2 bed cottage is rented out as a holiday let annex. This is income potential for the right owners who might want to continue.

    On the land and outbuildings side – the current owners seem to be operating an equine set-up of some sort.

    Stone barns are used for horse stabling, but equally could be used for other purposes.

    This smallholding is listed at £599,999.


    I can see why this property would have been a dairy farm.

    It has the buildings and grazing to do it again if someone was so motivated. The livery yard is a moneyspinner but it looks like an afterthought as the buildings are clearly for a dairy herd and have simply been repurposed. Livestock can seem to be hard work for little reward for the smaller scale farmer, but I think there perhaps is a lot of untapped potential missed out on because of the way these agricultural businesses are planned and run.

    For example, dairy. Nowadays confidence in this sector is low, because of the depreciated price of milk. However, there may be an opportunity to put the productivity of a dairy herd to good day-to-day use. Perhaps with cheese making?

    Many smallholders look for profit in producing an organic or niche product. My question to you is could the dairy farm be revived to make cheese, milk or butter the regular man can afford? Production at volume with direct sales?


    Perhaps a young stockman who is itching for a project of his own might take it on. The price, however, is prohibitive.


    With 12 acres, you have a fair bit of land, but I was considering that Dexter cattle might be a great breed to raise on the land.

    They are very easy to maintain, small in stature, and can be raised for milk (with yields of up to 12 litres per day and a 300 day lactation) or meat (which is known to be very good quality). In fact, they are the smallest dairy breed in the UK and are making a comeback as people become more aware of them. You can at least keep them as a suckler herd to keep our fields under control while you work out your next move, then sell and fill your freezer with these honourable beasts.

    This is a Dexter owner in Sussex talking about her family’s herd.

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