4-bed detached farmhouse smallholding for sale with 29.7 acres

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    This prospect popped up and caught my attention for a few reasons, which I’ll fill you in on…

    In short, it’s a 4 bed detached smallholding for sale in Pinmore, Girvan KA26 – it comes with:

    – 29.7 acres split into two fields (ideally suited for grazing flocks or herds)
    – outbuildings are suited to holding livestock and are the stone and slate cowshed variety
    – 320 meters of premium Salmon fishing
    – attic in need of renovation

    On the face of things, it doesn’t really strike you as being a ‘different’ type of smallholding property investment.

    But as with all these opportunities, you’ve got to really scratch the surface of the listing to see the potential.

    Firstly, the living quarters have recently been renovated – so the interior really requires no work.

    However, there is the small matter of ‘a project’ with the attic.

    It has two large rooms left and right of the stairs which currently are gutted out to the stone work.

    But they could be converted into any number of use: additional bedrooms (living quarters) etc. Plus there is a small box room in between them again this add further useful space on that top floor.

    Secondly, from the photos of the fields – you’ve got two large fields which are perfectly suited for raising livestock, flocks of sheep were in the photo.

    An ideal prospect therefore for someone wanting to start a sheep farm – it’s ready made and suited to getting going from day one.

    And finally..

    …hidden at the bottom of the detail buried in the small(er) print of the listing, was this line:

    “…320m of Salmon Fishing on the River Stinchar…”

    As it happens, the location is a premium fishing spot for Salmon and Brown Trout. Learn more by visiting the website of the District Fishing Board of River Stinchar

    I don’t know if you could capitalise on this feature offering some location based recreational fishing – no doubt you’d need to make an application, acquire licenses etc. but it was just a thought.

    All in all, it is a smallholding farm with renovation potential, ready-made livestock infrastructure and a Salmon fishing USP.

    The price?

    £395,000 (offers over)


    My, my, my,

    That is a lot of land and property for the price. But the mention of over 300 meters of salmon fishing blew me away. I have had to see for myself and as you mentioned it is highly productive for Salmon and Brown Trout fishing with a good 7 month-long season for both. This would be an ideal property for keen anglers who know how to lawfully land themselves some wild salmon.
    However, the code of practice and policing of the River Stinchar is stringent with specifications on the size of fish that can be killed, the time of year, and the number of salmon or grilse that can be killed by any single angler limited to 2 (under 30 inches) in a season! So catch and release will be the order of the day.

    As you mentioned the house is in fine upkeep and the pulley maid about the wood burner is a delightful touch. The attic space is also ripe for renovation – You could create additional discrete living quarters for farmstays or farm hands.

    South Ayrshire, boasts some dramatic scenery and remoteness that probably makes it popular for a holiday escape.

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