2 Bed, 6 Acre Smallholding for Sale (with Private Spring Water)

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    This is an interesting smallholding in Tregaron market town of Ceredigion.

    It’s listed as a 2 bed bungalow with parking sitting within 6 acres of paddock grassland.

    But on close inspection, you find the utility of the land is really quite convenient.

    The land is divided into 3 enclosures “ideal for ponies, sheep etc.”…but compactly laid out surrounding the homestead.

    So a mixed grazing set-up is what you have here.

    Along with that you have a wooded area and a private brook running through the land. The property therefore benefits from its own private water supply.

    All in, an ideal rural smallholding for perhaps a couple of small family with an ambition to rear sheep or other grazing livestock.

    The price?

    Accepting offers in the region of £299,000.


    Yes, it is a very well situated property for a small, considered livestock raising operation and the well-centered 2 bed property is characterful too.

    Having its own water supply from a natural spring is a premium advantage of this property which is a little undersold in this listing.

    A private water supply has the following benefits:
    >Saves money on the costs of mains water which are continually rising and often metered.
    >You will often be able to maintain an optimal water pressure.
    >If drought restrictions hit, you are using your own water so no hosepipe bans for you!
    >You will be enjoying a better quality of water that is chlorine and fluoride free.
    >Better for the environment as there is no need for all the infrastructure associated with getting mains water to your property.


    The more I look at this smallholding, especially those pictures of the owners residence overlooking the adjacent pasture land – I’m certain this is an ideal homestead for a husband and wife sheep rearing business.

    A rare find for animal husbandry lovers…with no immediate neighbours for total privacy.

    From the lounge area you literally have oversight of your sheep whilst being on the comfort of your sofa (your flock would never be out of sight nor mind.)

    As you said. the natural stream has benefits…which is a very advantageous and relatively unique feature for a UK smallholding.

    One technical note to add though regarding land ownership on this one, the lower field has what’s called a possessory freehold title.

    This apparently applies when the original title or deeds of a land asset cannot be proven maybe because the papers were lost or destroyed in a fire etc.

    This temporary title was issue in 2016 for 12 years, so that covers ownership until 2028.

    The cost of the smallholding at £299,000 is quite reasonable given the average detached house price estimation for the area (£268,000 for 2019):

    Average house price in Tregaron 2019

    Here’s what the monthly mortgage repayments on that would look like:

    Mortgage repayments on a £299,000 smallholding

    What are your thoughts on value for money for the right buyers?


    It’s good that you observed the mention of the possessory title as this issue will need scrutiny and has a direct bearing on the potential sale. The lower field could kick up problems and costs further down the line because it is not owned outright:
    >someone could turn up with/ or register bogus deeds
    >lack of confidence developing or changing the use of that piece of land
    >ongoing renewal costs or the expense/ uncertainty of procuring a title absolut

    It would be interesting to know why the current owners did not/were unable to obtain an absolute. This can usually be done after 12 years of the possessory title being registered. They have started the ball rolling with the possessory title but fees and administration will be needed to secure an upgrade to an absolute title (with the Land Registry) in 2028.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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