BROADCAST: 5-Bed Smallholding For Sale (with 2 Bed Annex + Nursery)


  • 5-bed farmhouse with acreage and pond
  • Plus, 2 bed rental accommodation with tenant (house).
  • Start-up nursery attached (launch date soon 2020)

Asking Price


Property Details

  • Central village location
  • 5-bed main house
  • 2-bed additional house
  • Pig sty’s
  • Polytunnel and raised veg patch
  • Pond/lake
  • 2 acres

Business Details

  • Rented 2-bed residential accommodation house.
  • Just started a wholesale nursery.


  • Used as a primary residence.
  • Has rental income from the 2-bed annexe.
  • Has additional income from house rental and next year it is expected the nursery will produce income.

Seller’s Details

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