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What Constitutes A Smallholding? Meaning & Definition.

Smallholding means different things to different people. What does it mean to you? We attempt to answer within this article the question, “what constitutes a smallholding?” ..By etymology small = Old English smæl “thin, slender, narrow; fine,” holding = “that which is held,” Effectively, this clears up the academic debate. A smallholding is a thin, … View Article
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Setting Up A Campsite: In Depth 7-Point Guide with Sample Plans

Comprehensive advice for beginners on ‘how to set up a campsite’ from scratch – the profitable way. Setting up a campsite can be a highly rewarding job for an owner with a complimentary love of the outdoors. A zeal for customer service is also an advantage – to endure year round weather resistance with a… View Article
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Case Study: Run A Holiday Let Or B&B? Business For Sale | Powys

How to convert a smallholding in Caersws, Powys trading as a holiday let into a profitable bed and breakfast… DISCLAIMER:This business case is not to be considered in any way professional advice, but rather an academic exercise to provide a framework for anyone seeking to know where to begin in assessing such an investment. Smallholding… View Article
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5 Opportunities To Know About… Wales: 11/06/2018

Sourced by our Smallholdings For Sale Editorial Team from the sales listings of leading Wales property agents: Monnow Valley – With Annexe Pick 1 6 bedroom country house 1-bed annexe and garages 7.5 acres of grazing paddocks Attractive 6 bedroom country estate. Located discretely on a country lane, on the border of Monmouth. Convenient access… View Article
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The All Purpose Guide To Planning Permission in The UK

The All-Purpose Guide To Planning Permission Building projects in the UK are heavily regulated by the Government. Therefore, when planning a building project here in the UK, proceed with due caution
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An Introduction To Smallholdings in Devon

  An Introduction To Smallholdings Devon Devon, a UK coastal county of reputation for tourism, bordering Cornwall and Dorset to the west and east respectively,  is a prime destination for rural smallholdings for sale.
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