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The All Purpose Guide To Planning Permission in The UK

The All-Purpose Guide To Planning Permission Building projects in the UK are heavily regulated by the Government. Therefore, when planning a building project here in the UK, proceed with due caution
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An Introduction To Smallholdings in Devon

  An Introduction To Smallholdings Devon Devon, a UK coastal county of reputation for tourism, bordering Cornwall and Dorset to the west and east respectively,  is a prime destination for rural smallholdings for sale.
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Start A Smallholder Haymaking Business!

  Making hay on smallholdings comes in useful for many purposes. Enjoy this beginners digest of how it’s done…
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Do Smallholders Have To Register For A CPH Number?

  Smallholders in the UK running an livestock operation must be aware of the regulatory laws surrounding a CPH number.
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Why Not Run A Smallholding Sitting Service?

If you are used to the rural life and have some spare time on your hands, why not consider becoming a smallholding house sitter!
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Railway Sleepers: Smallholder’s Introduction

  Railway sleepers are a versatile friend to smallholding owners with multi-purpose, practical benefits. The question is, what can they do for you?…
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