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The Smallholder's Business Toolkit 

Tool Category
Business Planning Templates Planning
Marketing Strategy Marketing
Accounting Calculators Accounting
Instant Information Memorandum Exit

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- Included In The Smallholder's Business Toolkit -

Planning Templates

Stay ahead of your business goals by using our custom made business planning templates. In spreadsheet format and online forms for automatically producing plans beautifully presented plans.

Start-Up Strategy

Learn to market your smallholding business like a professional with our expertly developed strategy. Become the most valued participant within your market with our successful principles.

Exit Planning

Achiving your target transfer value when exiting your business takes diligent planning. Top management consultancy firms like Ernst Young advise it's never too early to begin exit planning.

Instant Custom PDFs

Produce stunning, fully customised business collateral, inc. business stationery instantly via a simple web form. Shave hours of endless formatting tweaks by this neat tool.

Custom Calculators

Keep on top of your business metrics and their impact on your bottom line with our custom made calculators. Simply plug in your details and get in return just what you need.

Marketing Tutorials

Learn how to perform various marketing related tasks by watching our online tutorials hosted by our consultants. Avoid hiring costly professionals, get confident with DIY.

Case Studies

We put together some of the most innovative solutions for tackling smallholder related business problems. We present these solutions openly as case studies for your persual.

Bespoke Requests

As a smallholder subscribed to our toolkit we encourage you to get in touch with us and suggest improvements or additions to be made. We consider all requests and shortlist for development.

- Screenshots of The Smallholder's Business Toolkit -

The following are screenshots of both the excel spreadsheet templates, as well as example instant PDFs which you are able to
customise with your own business details inc. logo and photos.

  Some Excel Spreadsheet Templates

Make sure your sums always add up auto-populating spreadsheets

Inventory Audit

Profit Loss

Sales Projection

Business Budget

  Some Instant Custom PDF Examples

Save hours on designing your own business communications

Business Overview

Curriculum Vitae


Financial Report

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What is the comprehensive list of all that is included...

We are continually adding new items to the line up. The foundational tools are: Planning Templates, Marketing Strategies & Customisable Instant PDFs.

What software do I need to make us of this toolbox?

This is simple. Microsoft Excel and an internet connection to our online instant PDF builders. Both of which you probably already have on your laptop or desktop.

What are the main advantages to using this toolbox?

These products are built by qualified business consultants with years of experience in producing quality communications. You'll be getting market leading expertise.

Are there any recurring fees involved in this offer?

Yes. Annually, you will be reminded to renew your license. We don't do auto-renewals, you will have to manually pay again should you wish to continue.

When will I know if you've added something new?

When you buy the toolbox, you get access to all the files by secure password. Whenever we add a new item, we email you, so you'll never miss out.

Do you offer consultancy?

Yes, we work closely with clients helping them achieve their business investment goals. All our work is currently remote via: email & phone.

Buy The Smallholder's Business Toolkit and Start Saving Time & Making More Profit