Smallholders Business Membership Programme

Exclusive Opportunity To Grow Your Smallholding Business…

For smallholding buyers, sellers, agents & developers.

Smallholdings are agricultural estates which by nature are productive capital assets & therefore should be profitable, if managed well.

Whilst there are many agricultural learning resources online, credible business based ones are harder to find.

We are yet to find a website equipping you for making your smallholding pay you back in earnings for all your hard work.

Enter Smallholders Business Membership Programme!

The following are the membership benefits:

Management Spreadsheets

Use a custom suite of management spreadsheets for tabulating all of your business data in concise and professional format.

Graphic Design Templates

We provide you with a library of graphic design templates for producing top quality collateral and business stationery.

Business Planning Templates

Draft your own custom business plan for your smallholding using our expert planning methodologies. Our templates keep you focused.

Marketing Strategies

Learn how to market your smallholding like an expert with these proven strategies for connecting with produce buyers and customers.

Get this package and start investing profitably into your smallholding.

Smallholding Business Membership Programme

Price: £149.99 one-off fee

“We aim to give you the leading edge in running a profitable smallholding operation. Our skills and experience should make a big difference to your bottom-line.”

Frequently Asked Questions?

“Will I get updates inclusive?”

Yes. We continuously update our business programme resource library – our core focus is to discover new ways of improving the management of your smallholding. It’s our duty to update.

“Will you consult on bespoke solutions?”

Of course, this is how we know what will work for you – we firstly listen and then develop solutions. Whilst our library is generic, or one size fits all, we can be commissioned for work.

“Is there a contract?”

No. The annual fee gives unlimited access to ALL our resources for a year. 12 months down the line we’ll send an email reminder for renewal should your wish to continue. No obligation.